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The call by a responsible indigene of Eleme and distinguished Counsel, Barr Walter Oluka Ochen on the social media which trended few days ago has received a reaction from the Eleme Local Government Authority.

Barr Ochen in a bid to demand for improved governance at the grassroots had said, “Compared with some ex-chairmen in Eleme, Ollor is winning. But, in a peer-review with his colleagues in rivers, he is failing. So, let’s help him to be a state and not to hype him to be a local champion.” He later called on the LG Chairman to pay close attention on the Motor Park project being carried out by the chairman saying there was no rebar in the built fence as that could impact on its quality and durability.

However, the Chief Press Secretary to the Council, Mr. Chinwi Ate, has swiftly reacted to that call providing explanations on the development and challenges the incumbent local government administration faces. He agrees with the learned gentleman on his assessment that Emere Hon. Obariolomate Ollor has performed better than his predecessor and believes strongly that he would do more.

“Like someone said, Emere Ollor inherited a failed system with little or no structure. You will agree with me that building from the scratch is obviously not an easy task mostly when your projects are largely centered on human impact areas like Power supply, Waste management, Security, Social political integration and unity of purpose etc. Evaluating the impact of these in comparison with physical infrastructures? Trust me, infrastructure seems visible. Nevertheless, This administration will tilt its focus to those areas also as work is ongoing at the Eleme motor park, Onne Civil center and the completion of Agbonchia town hall. Also on the list is to build a befitting LGA Council Secretariat.

“As we speak, this administration is dealing with the issue of behavioural change as our people chase PHED out of the community with the view that the LGA Council has paid their monthly electricity bills. Dumping of waste along our major roads is another issue at hand. Chieftaincy tussles, host community dichotomy and other factors are also shackles this administration is dealing with from the back end. If successfully harnessed and resolved, Eleme LGA council will make tremendous success in the area of Employment, human capacity building/training, CSR etcetera.”

He explained that the Local Government Areas in the main towns of Rivers State being Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor LGAs even though they have stronger revenue base are relieved of the burden of waste evacuation, a situation which does not apply to Eleme despite the fact that it generates no revenue from the numerous companies in its territory. This Mr. Chinwi went on to say the Council spends fortunes to ensure that wastes are timely carted away to assure a sanitized environment and that across the world, LG Chairman, Emere Hon. Ollor is celebrated for his move to ensure that the Eleme section of the East-West receives the deserved and desired attention.

“LGAs like Obio-Akpor and PHALGA irrespective of their revenue base have RIWAMA in their domain managing all that has to do with waste disposal at the expense of the state, while Eleme is handsomely paying contractors to ensure we keep our place clean. While majority of firms over there pay tenement rates and other operational taxes, Eleme is a laughable situation.

“However, in the eyes of the world, our Chairman is a Living Legend for holding down the federal government and its agencies for 7days. They describe him as a man with extraordinary courage following the success of the Eleme East West Road Protest and the demolition of notable criminal hideouts. Other Chairmen revere him and seek to learn a thing or two from him.

If one may ask, if the Eleme East West Road project is successfully completed, shouldn’t Ollor’s administration be rated as the best in the 23 LGA’s and beyond? 

The answer is NO. We don’t need any of such rating till the 3years elapse. There is a lot on the table to do for Eleme people and it wouldn’t be wise we start on a competitive note of who builds the most magnificent infrastructure within her first 100days,” Mr. Chinwi remarked.

The media expert also hinted that Eleme has her peculiarities well known to the LG administrator and would be tackled head-on. “We have our peculiar problems as a people, identifying them is key, resolving them is access. One after the other, this philosophy will guide and drive our approach for the next three years. Don’t so forget the ongoing training of Eleme youths in specialized ICT areas (LGA Council in Partnership with Eleme Union Europe). Those commissioning giant edifices may not be doing all these. The criticism are highly welcome and commendable, they shall further serve as light illuminating our path as we move.”

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