Elder Ngulube E. Ngulube

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April 24, 1930- Aug. 15, 2011

Elder Ngulube E. Ngulube

Parentage and Birth

Elder Ngulube was born into the pagan family of Ngulube Olakanwi and Emereowa Tekara Ngulube (nee Awaa of Okori), both of Alesa in Eleme LGA on 24th April, 1930. His birth occurred two months after the death of his father. Hence, he was named after his father, Ngulube.

He had a wealthy mother and by Eleme standards, she fulfilled all traditional rites depicting a rich person such as Otora Ndele and O-ii owa okwee. She had domestic animals such  as cows, goats, sheep and fowls.

She was also, a yam, cocoyam and sugarcane farmer. The species of yam called yeyeefor by Eleme people was named after her daughter for she discovered, mass-produced and popularised it.

Being the last of six children, Elder Ngulube was cherished by his siblings and specially by his mother.

He began his primary education at age thirteen (13) at the Holy Trinity School, Nchia Eleme in 1943 and spent eight (8). His mother single handedly paid his tuition fees.

Education and Teaching

His mother sponsored his education until she could no longer cope due to old age. From then on, he was on his own. He would make thatches, baskets and other crafts to see himself through school.

In 1951, he enrolled into the Pupil Teachers Course (PTC) at the Seventh-day Adventist mission Aba. Thereafter, he gained employment as a teaching staff with Seventh-day Adventist School as grade “C” teacher at Ahoada. A year later, he was transferred to Seventh-day Adventist School, Nchia Eleme.

Four years later, he was transferred to College Practicing School, Ihie Mbawsi. While at Ihie Mbawsi, he attended the Adventist College where he obtained a certificate in Elementary teacher’s Course (ETC) between 1957-1958 before he returned again, to Seventh-day Adventist School, Nchia Eleme.

In 1960, he was transferred to Akanu Ngwa as a teacher. Between 1961 and 1962 while at Ihie Mbawsi, he did his Higher Elementary Course. On completion of that course, he moved to Umunehi, Umuahia where he was from 1963-1964.

In 1965, he sat for and passed the University of London General Certificate of Education (London GCE).

He enrolled in Federal School of Agriculture, Umudike and read Agricultural Sciences. On graduation, he was posted to Elele to run the Seventh-day Adventist School, as a Supervising Teacher in-charge of Elementary Sciences.

At the end of the Nigeria Civil War in 1970, he was posted to teach at Bunu Tai, for eight months and was then transferred to State School, Alesa with Johnson Igwe as Head Master.

In 1971, he enrolled into the Adventist College of West Africa and studied Religion. He graduated after two years with a Diploma. He gained employment with Ascension High School, Nchia Eleme thereafter. There, he became the Hostel Master and later rose to become a Vice Principal before he proceeded for further studies.

In 1976, he travelled to USA, precisely, Oakwood College, Alabama for further studies. During his stay there, he was on the Honour list of the Dean of his Faculty in 1977 and 1978. He bagged a BA (Hons.) degree in 1978 and majoring in Sociology and minor in Psychology. He moved to North Texas State University Denton, Texas in 1978 but later transferred to Texas Southern University, Houston Texas and earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 1980.


Elder Ngulube E. Ngulube was a devout Christian of the Seventh-day Adventist sect. He would sacrifice anything to be at peace with God. No doubt, he abdicated his Chieftaincy stool when he found that it would jeopardise his relationship with his Maker.  

He became an Adventist as a child and was baptised in 1947 at a time he was a General Prefect in the Seventh-day Adventist School and Church Clerk. He was led into the Adventist faith by Choo Nda of Nda Community, Alesa. He was a devout Christian until his passing. He served as:

  • Secretary, Dorcas Association for many years.
  • Secretary, Church Board for over 10 years.
  • Sabbath School Teacher for over 30 years.
  • First Elder, Seventh-day Adventist Church Nchia for several years.
  • Church Leader (1989-1993) at a time when no Pastor was posted to Eleme District.
  • He was inducted as a Master guide in 1957 having satisfied the J.M.V. requirements.

Marital Life

Elder Ngulube E. Ngulube got married to Mercy Mmamma Ngulube (nee Nwogu) of Ogale on 25th December, 1959. That marriage was blessed with six children however, four survived him.

  • Mrs. Abigail Yeeye Osaroedey
  • Mr. Ochen Willie Ngulube
  • Miss Tekara Ngulube (late)
  • Pastor Obelle Ngulube
  • Mrs. Mbombo Aforji Owate
  • Mr. Obarijima Ngulube (late)

Together with his wife, he inculcated Christian virtues into his children. He personally, executed faithfully, the marriage arrangements of all his children and ensured he gave them the best of education up to Post Graduate level. He was a kind man who gave similar gesture to his  fostered children.

Work Experience

His early working life was a teacher and this came to an end in December, 1975 and in January 1976, he left for USA to further studies.

On return from America, December 1980, he completed the mandatory NYSC with the Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited and later gained full employment with the company in December 1981 as an Administrator.

He was nicknamed “Seven Credits” in his hometown which plays host to the PHRC, for he would always advice youths who sought to do menial jobs at the  refinery to get education and be gainfully employed.

He was a member, Nigerian Institute of Management and other institutions at home and abroad.

Business Life

Elder N.E. Ngulube had a brief business stint on retirement from Public Service, with some companies in the Oil and Gas Free Zone Authority and Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited. His registered business name was Ngume & Sons.

Eleme Nationalism

He believed in the distinct ethnicity of Eleme and associated with those who shared this notion.               He supported the fight for the projection and preservation of the ideals of Eleme nation. Hence, his romance with the ASAMA Eleme Organisation who champions the propagation of the non extinction of Eleme ethnic nationality.

Socio-Political Life

Elder Ngulube E. Ngulube was shy yet sociable. He was a founding member of NPN, a political party that held sway in the early eighties. He was a Ward Chairman and participated at various level of decision making at local and state levels. He was a card carrying member of PDP.

Leadership Position and Awards

  • Elder Ngulube E. Ngulube received a sourvenir for excellent performance (PTC) in 1957.
  • Elected Blazer Manager, Nigerian Training College Ihie, Ibawsi in 1962.
  • Elected President, History Club, Nigerian Training College Ihie, Ibawsi in 1962.
  • Camp Leader, Odenkume in Etiti LGA during Biafran War.
  • Store Keeper at Olakwo Owerri.
  • Camp Director at Umuoyo, Tai Waterside in Etche, Rivers State also, during the Biafran War in 1969.
  • Youth Leader (Master Guide) and J.M.V. in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1970.
  • Elected President, Fishing Class of Basic Course in Adventist College of West Africa in 1973.
  • Chairman, Eleme Teachers Association.
  • Member, Nigeria Union of Teachers.
  • President, Rivers State Students Union in Huntsville Alabama
  • Chairman, Alesa Improvement Association.
  • Member, Eleme Development Union.
  • Appointed Chairman, PTA, Comprehensive High School, Alesa Eleme for 15 years.
  • Appointed Eleme Workers Association Chairman of PHRC for 15 years.
  • Chairman, NNPC Retirees Association of Eleme from inception until his death (a period of 10 years).

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