Gas Detector

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Gas detector

Natural Gas (NG) is odourless & colourless. Exposure to it can be harmful & lead to death when it goes beyond tolerable limits.

🔥 Triangle shows: right proportion of air (O2), heat & fuel (NG) leads to combustion.

Safety is only 2nd to God but in the industry, safety comes 1st.
Hence, each staff is expected not only to be safety conscious but also, safety response personnel.

Processed NG can come with mecaptan which gives it a pungent smell as this detectable by the 👃(nose)

Technology makes it possible to detect NG with a gas detector as it acts like a sniffing 🐕 (dog). This gadget is able to detect CO2, CH4, H2S & O2 levels, blinking with Red light & alerting sound.

This enables personnel to respond swiftly to assure safety of life, equipment & the environment.

Please, find out the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) permissible levels of the hazardous gases for your own good.

Finally, if it’s unsafe, don’t do it.
If it’s unsafe take precaution.
Always remember: Your family is waiting for your return, back home.

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