Hospitality Industry: I Never Knew of this!

Categories : Story Telling

By Nwangwu Uchechi

I feel intimidated, that’s the exact words from my friend

I remember telling my friend, to see setting tables as a skill but he will tell me that the way people look at them in an event hall makes him feel intimidated.

He can set the tables, a good barman, and other requirements needed in this industry.

With all these skills, he still feels like he has no skills at all.

Please, stop feeling intimidated but start living your life to the fullest.

People need to see everything they do and love as a good skill not feeling intimidated by the way rich people look them

The webinar we had yesterday made me appreciate this hospitality industry and also gave me courage to encourage my friend more

I really want to appreciate Cory Warfield for opening my eyes of the industry never I knew of.

Skills needed for this industry is your positive attitude

No skill is a waste at all.

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