How to Manage Diabetes Without Drugs

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By Margaret Wonah

Just as nothing good and sustainable comes easy, managing diabetes in a manner that leads to reversal requires work.

First, you adopt what is called the “three pillars of diabetes reversal”:

👉Right Diet

👉Intermittent Fasting


Testimony of improved condition

When you start doing these correctly, you will see that your blood sugar levels will reduce gradually.

Then you talk to your doctor who will access you and reduce the dose of your drugs. This is because by adopting the three pillars, your diabetes gets better hence, you need fewer drugs to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

If you continue with this new lifestyle, you will gradually get waned of your drugs.

Even at that, you don’t stop monitoring your sugar levels neither do you quit your lifestyle changes.
No, you continue because it is now your LIFESTYLE.

And the benefits of adopting this lifestyle cannot be quantified:

👉 It helps prevent/reduce complications of diabetes. Even your blood pressure and cholesterol levels begin to get better

👉 You achieve your weight loss goals with ease

👉 You prevent the adverse effects of drugs

👉 You save money this way.

Thankfully, I have explained these processes in detail in my books. All you need to know about diabetes and how to beat it is explained in a very simple and relatable way.

You can not apply the principles in my books and not get results. It is not possible.

For 7000 naira only, you will be on your way to testifying like this client of mine in a few weeks.

If you are tired of having high blood sugar levels for years even while taking your drugs, then get MY BOOKS, read them, follow the steps and adopt the meal plan. It is only a matter of time before you send me your testimony.

Wonah Margaret.

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