HRH Ɛmԑrԑ Micah Nna Ngelale

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HRH Ɛmԑrԑ Micah Nna Ngelale
1924 – 1980
Chairman, Eleme County Council
1960 -1962
Ͻnԑ Ɛԑ Ɛta Ekporo    
1970 – 1980

Micah Nna Ngelale was born in Eleme, in the year 1924 to Opara Joshua Ngelale of Ekporo community, Odido in Eleme Local Government Area, Rivers State. The name of his mother was Rachael Ngelale.

He attended Boys School, Okrika and obtained his Standard six certificates after the obligatory examination in 1945 when he completed his primary education at St. Mary Anglican School, Nwebiara Ogoni.

He went on to enroll at the St. Johns’ Teachers Training College, Port Harcourt and obtained Teachers Grade 3 Certificate in 1951. Again he bagged the Teachers Grade 2 Certificate in 1955 from the same institution. His passion for improvement spurred him to pursue an Advanced Teachers Course in the United Kingdom and in 1975; he graduated from the University of Birmingham, England with a Diploma certificate.

Work Experience

Micah Nna Ngelale was renowned teacher and served in the following mission schools:

  • St. Luke’s Anglican School, Akpajo (1947)
  • Holy Trinity Anglican School, Nchia  (1948)
  • St Peter’s Anglican School Yeghe, Ogoni (1949)
  • Holy Trinity Anglican School, Nchia (1950)
  • St Peter’s Anglican School Yeghe, Ogoni (1951-1953)
  • St. Bartholomew’s  Ebubu (1956-1957)
  • St Gabriel Anglican School -Ulakwo Etche (1958-1960)
  • St. Bartholomew’s Ebubu  (1960-1962)
  • Boys  School Okrika (2nd Master)   1962-1967
  • State School Bodo (Headmaster)   1970
  • State School Ebubu (Headmaster)  1971-1973
  • State School Yeghe (Headmaster)   1975-1976

Micah N. Ngelale before his voluntary retirement from the Civil Service in 1976 was the Chairman, Eleme Teachers Association which published Eleme Primer in July 1958. Although the pamphlet was to enable Eleme teachers in junior primary classes teach Eleme language with ease, it however, did not present orthography but presents lessons based on the six vowels which it identified. Ngofa (2006) noted that the initiative of Eleme Teachers was improved upon by Ɛmԑrԑ Dada N. Obele when he published Foundation Studies in Eleme in which the author agrees with Prof. Kay Williamson that the principles upon which a sound orthography be hinged on accuracy, consistency, convenience, harmony and familiarity.

Political Career

Micah Nna Ngelale joined politics and was a member of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons, NCNC during reign His Royal Highness Ɛmԑrԑ Walter Gbute Ngegwe, who was also his friend. He represented his people of Eleme Ward 3, comprising Ebubu, Onne, Eteo and Ekporo in the newly created Khana County Council as Councillor and he later on he was voted as Chairman, Eleme County Council after its creation from the Khana County Council in 1959. He served as the second County Chairman, after the brief leader of Ɛmԑrԑ Israel Saloka Oluka who was until then the Vice-chairman of Khana County Council.  Hence, Hon. Ngelale was the first elected Chairman of Eleme Council and he occupied that office for three consecutive times, 1960 through 1962.

Hon. Ngelale served as the Supervisory Councillor for Education between 1976 and 1979; and was appointed a director of Intra-Motors Lagos in the old Rivers State during the military administration of Col. Zamani Lekwot in 976 and lasted until 1980.

Hon. Ngelale was appointed Chairman – Education Committee in Eleme Urban Council by the first civilian governor of Rivers State, Melford Okilo, a position he held between 1979 and 1980.

Ͻnԑ Ɛԑ Ɛta Ekporo

Hon. Ngelale outstanding profile, spurred his community of Ekporo to select and installed him as their Paramount Ruler, Ͻnԑ Ɛԑ Ɛta Ekporo in 1970 and he ruled until his death in 1980.

During his leadership days as the Ͻnԑ Ɛԑ Ɛta Ekporo, he ruled with fear of God and demonstrated bravery such that despite Ekporo being the like the Bethlehem of Judea in Eleme, he was able to secure his territory against encroachment in the midst of attacks from neighbouring communities. He was the father of Ɛmԑrԑ Hon. Precious Osaro Ngelale, who once served as a minister of Commerce and minister of state for Water Resources during the first civilian administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo (1999-2003) and the grandfather of Ajuri Ngelale, the current Senior Special Assistant to President, Mohammadu Buhari on Public Affairs.

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