Jerry Deeolaka, Others Commend Article on Ngor-Nka, Offers Advice for Growth.

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Mr. Benjamin Ngongwia a native of Ebubu in Eleme Local Government has received encomia over his undying love for his people of Eleme and their rich cultural heritage. This follows his recent article on Ngor-Nka ceremony which is one of the marital rites in Eleme. Ngor-Nka itself is a pride to the mother of the bride and the bridegroom himself who are the main the beneficiaries in the two separate yet complementary rites.

Reacting to this post made available on his Facebook, a human capacity developer and a Christian leader, Elder Jerry Dee Olaka commended and encouraged the youth to do more as he went on to inspire people like him to aspire to improve themselves professionally, even in their quest to deepen their knowledge in Eleme culture.

“Your piece on ngor-nka shows your education has value and worth the cost to you and your family.

The expectation is that your vocabulary will become richer as you gain greater exposure, as well as foothold and mastery in life. The display of concise descriptions shown in your write-up indicates a close bond with elderly figures/mentors. Do be encouraged to broaden that exposure to possibly, include professional mentorship and /or broader education in sociology/ anthropology or critical /creative writing or even human/social developmental studies.

“I commend your industry, enterprise and zest for learning which one can only cultivate by developing an open spirit and deep mindedness.

“The traditional or what modern scholarship will call cultural Eleme life is a very unique, unrivaled and as yet an un-researched tapestry of human sociology. When we accumulate the critical mass of scholarship needed to accomplish the x-raying of the life of Eleme people (happily, with the kind of intuition and intellect young people like you are demonstrating, the promise is not far off); then the true dimension of the worth of what the Eleme heritage represents to the black race and the entire world, will shock people,” Elder Olaka said.

He gives further explanation saying that every facet of the life of Eleme people is denominated by critical definitive measure of worth and this is expressed in all their actions, rites and ceremonies.

“It is the invisible currency of the activities and relationships which reflects as a type of soft noble pride seen in every one of them. This, they protect with every ounce of energy and at all cost. The over-exposure to strange life values and ways has cost us dearly in this regard. The centre-piece of marriage rites in Eleme life is the covenant goat rite. Literally, the process is a goat killing/slaughtering process; but in its true sense, it sociologically is a very deep and mystic rite. It carries a profound worth. To the elders and those who know, it is really known as marriage blood covenant rite. It carries power beyond what ordinary people know. And it is established in god from the foundation of the world.”

Eleme is one of the ethnic groups that make up the over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria. It is located in Rivers State and continues to play host to multinational companies in the Niger Delta due to its cultural liberality and hospitality. In fact, the expression ncha Nchia is commonly used to pardon offenders for the sake of peaceful co-existence in Eleme. It is at present a Local Government Area even though it had existed as a County Council before Nigeria gained her independence in 1960.

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