Ken Poly Students Appraise Lecturers, Dr. Obele Emerges Best.

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An awardee and lecturer of the Kenule Saro-wiwa Polytechnic, formerly known as the Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, who bagged “the best knowledge impacting lecturer in the year 2021” Dr. Joseph Obele is still full of gratitude to God and the entire students who singled him out among a multitude of lecturers in the institution.

On 2nd November 2021, the award recipient who is also, the Chairman, Board of Directors of the Youth Business School, Nchia Eleme, an institution which conceived and initiated to train youth and others in entrepreneurship so as to be self reliant took to his facebook page to painstakingly define qualities that cannot necessarily earn a lecturer that honour. He started with a question, “Who is the best lecturer?” and went on to explain that the best lecturer is not most elderly Lecturer in the Department, he or she is not the most senior Lecturer in the Department. He is neither the most educated lecturer in the Department nor the one who speaks the best of BBC English in the Department. He said that being the best lecturer is dependent on being the most brilliant lecturer but he satisfies the yearning of the students such that at the end of each class, the students could proudly say that they understood what he has taught and of course they put the knowledge to good use.

Dr. Obele, a Knight in the Anglican Communion had emerged as the best after a rigorous exercise which saw the Marketing students of the institution comprising National Diploma, ND 1 and 2 and Higher National Diploma, HND 1 and 2 took time to print nomination cards for 550 students and voted their preferred lecturers. Interestingly the winner is a junior lecturer and does not lecture students in the HND classes. Hence does not have direct contact with students in that category to deserve their consideration let alone to earn their votes yet, like the magnetic effect whose field is felt from a distance, the well-read lecturer was voted overwhelmingly by virtually all the students and this was why he exclaimed in praise: “Glory be to God for the gift wisdom. Thank you marketing students Kenpoly for the Award. Thank you my dear wife for the encouragement.”

Dr. Joseph Obele who is the incumbent Chairman, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, Port Harcourt Depot and despite his tight schedules has always created time to develop himself and impact the society. The result seen must be a product of concerted learning, research and it is indeed encouraging that today his huge investment in education is beginning to pay off.

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