Learn to work out your own Salvation

Categories : Culture , Environment

Samuel O. Onungwe

I had a chat with a friend, and he was jobless for years now. He knows that his brother was an authority in his firm but his brother told him that such a place was not a good place for him.
It is true that every organization has its challenges but sincerely, where his brother works remains a good place to begin a career because the organization offers pieces of training to young engineers, and the job schedule is flexible.

My friend feels sad that his brother could not provide him a job after years of graduation. I know his brother can influence his chances of getting a job in that firm, but not everyone in authority has powers to influence recruitment as conceived & perceived by people far from the system.

Many people in authority also need help but, they cannot express it due to ego and deep down they wish they could. I could remember how I overheard an HoD tell one of his staff who had just resigned for a better offer, to help him find a job for his graduate son in his new company.

Do not expect much from people, learn to work out your salvation. At times, do not look for a paid job when you are inexperienced. Apply for voluntary service, attach yourself to the crafts and mentors who are related to your career, and soon you will have the experience to qualify for both experience and trainee offers.

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