Light Up Eleme


By Samuel O. Onungwe

#LightUpEleme #RestoreEkporo

#LightUpEleme #RestoreEkporo

Each time I see the solar streetlight along Ogale road and Indorama EPCL trailer park, it feels like a kitchen lamp or candle light in a whole central room.

Each night I pass the Indorama EPCL gate facing the budding Nchia City, located uphill from that spot, it appears I am walking into darkness.

Every day the companies have uninterrupted power and their flare stacks and chimneys do not stop burning or venting pollutants.

The noise of their aged plants go unabated instead we see them building new factories to make more money while the people languish in poverty and obscurity.

They have colluded with some community leaders. Yes, they have otherwise; we would have heard their voice against youth unemployment, against lack of potable water, against insecurity, against failed roads, against dilapidated schools, against poor drainage, against land encroachment and against lack of scholarship for the commoners.

If you know those holding Eleme back and I speak to myself as well, tell them – the people are tired. Tell them, enough is enough.

If you know those who have caged Eleme land, tell them the people are ready to free themselves and the time is now.

Tell them the people are reviving the Tai Must Go Spirit.

I saw them in my dream last night, they all gathered in their numbers; they have one voice and one aim:


Eleme Indorama Fertilizer and Chemical

Tell them this stands for the total expulsion of darkness.

Tell them it is not just about electricity but it includes illiteracy.

Please, tell them it is not just about bad politicians but it also includes bad leaders.

Tell them, that it is not just about host communities but it is about the Entire Eleme Land.

Do not fail to tell them, it is not about indigenes alone but it also involves all residents.

Eleme man cannot continue to be tenant in a strange land while his home is overgrown with “weeds”. Like a dying man ready to face judgment, the people are ready to clean their land and light up the place.

Tell them, I saw the people in my dream; calm and peaceful yet united and resolute.

Tell them, I saw the new Nigeria Police and security operatives providing security to actualise this dream.

I personally, asked a Police personnel who though his uniform was still black as soot, his character was as white as snow.

I asked again, what was his motivation to support this cause?

His reply:

“When it is better for the people it will be better for me and my family! We all reside here and sometimes even my in-laws visit, we are part of the community we should also benefit from the resources of the land”.

In that dream, I waited for the timetable for project #LightUpEleme and #RestoreEkporo but I was only shown a blank white board.

Interpretation: It will come when it comes, like a thief in the night, the night not even one man knows when and how!

Watch out.

2 comments on “Light Up Eleme

    ndukwe ndukwe

    • October 19, 2020 at 10:53 pm

    Nice submission, I guess its high time this industries are cajoled hardly to execute there civic duties to host communities and also to have the interest of the people at heart and not to only feed us with pollution.
    but I want to ask, if you happen to move to a region with the sole aim of expanding your business, you buy their land from them, do all the settlements necessary and kick start production for the sole aim of making profit, how would you feel when people come to you, and further demand a quota of your profits as a business man? to be sincere sir, knowing fully well that you are not the government.
    I need answers because most times I become scared of really starting anything.


      • October 20, 2020 at 3:37 am

      I have not seen a people demanding for more than enough but it is possible. What I see is a divide and rule scheme by companies.

      SPDC has a model now. Meetings about developmental projects are to be held publicly for instance at the town square or town hall so that ordinary citizens can participate and protect such projects even so some community leaders bypass it – they invite only their loyalists to their Palace.

      Many organisations do not honour the MOU because they have settled those they consider influential. However, the #EndSars story tells you that nothing lasts forever.

      Soon you will see the Nigeria Security supporting protesters and protecting their dreams to improve the society because security men are part of the Nigeria Society and share in the pains – pollution and loss of farmland to companies.

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