Margy Speaks on Vitiligo

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By Margaret Wonah

Vitiligo on hands

Although, June 25, a day set aside to create awareness on a condition called VITILIGO has come and gone yet, another is coming. However, it is wise to keep reminding ourselves about Vitiligo. Today, a medical personnel, Margaret Wonah, writes on Vitiligo. She says:

Vitiligo occurs when some parts of the skin lose their colours due to the death of the cells responsible for the pigmentation of the skin – these cells are called melanocytes.

Vitiligo can happen to people of any age, gender or ethnic group.

Due to the absence of melanin that protects the skin, the affected areas are usually sensitive to light.

While there are various options available in the management of the condition, I will like to draw our attention to the following:

➡️In India, people with Vitiligo are stigmatised and it is especially difficult for women in India with this condition to marry because the condition is wrongly associated with leprosy.

➡️Vitiligo is simply an autoimmune condition. It is not caused by consuming certain kind of foods.

➡️Michael Jackson also had this condition.

➡️It is not Contagious. It is not related to Abinism or Leprosy

Do you know anyone with this condition?

Most of them lack Self Confidence and struggle with low Self Esteem.

So, instead of adding to their burden, we could:

➡️Be empathetic and accept them the way they are

➡️Be a source of encouragement

➡️Understand their condition and be an ADVOCATE for people living with VITILIGO.

Margaret Wonah is the founder of Diabetes Care, an organization which provides medical support for the prevention, control and spread of Diabetes. She is also, the author of two books: Managing Type 2 Diabetes with Ease and Eat to Beat Diabetes. The books have remained a key reference in the issues relating to diabetes.

Margaret Wonah

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