Nkim Itong Festival of Uruan

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Nkim Itong festival is one of numerous traditional ceremonies of Uruan people in Akwa Ibom state.

It is an age long tradition that have been practiced in many generations in Uruan people in communities such as Idu, Mbiakong and Ifiayong.

The people in the pictures are not harmed rather they were being freed from demonic spirit who have been tormenting them for ages.

The following are common features of festival:

  1. planting of plantain sucker and it grows that day and bear fruit that same day
  2. Turning leaves to money
  3. Sand metamorphosed to Cooked rice
  4. Putting water into basket and none drops
  5. Human killed by gunshot, buried but he would come back to the burial ground alive, among others.

Some see it as a diabolic practice but of a truth, it is the tradition of Uruan that harms no one.

This is a biennial festival.

Culled from AK people

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