Nnoni Sa Ajor Eka Ofaejin Rin-ye

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By Samuel O. Onungwe

Agbara Ogale

Preserving culture goes with territorial preservation.
Those Oneh Nkiken, Nkporon and Oneh Eh Eta who fail to protect the territory from encroachment may need not tell us to practice onanaenu eta because they have failed on an aspect of their part.
However, the land belongs to akpata not okwu eta so somehow it requires collaboration but who leads?

I think okwu ochure eta

I do not want to imagine in the future okwu ojuoju indigenous community of Eleme whose language is Nnaran Eka e.g. Okpako.

Some have argued that if we had eta Nsin Nmu okwu ochu obor kpama okojun rebari ban ebo Nkiken and the need to allow Okwu ojuoju to wen eta weh sibi Nkiken Lesa okwu Nkiken eta but did we forget these people came in as friends and later became foes till date?

Ogaleans during the reign of HRH Emere Oji Awala were able to persuade okwu ojuoju at Ope Oka Ogale to integrate into existing clans of Ogale or return to the land of their origin.

If we recommend that Agbeta and Obolo Ebubu should relocate towards Eta Ngbor how many persons would be ready to do so to save Nkiken from okwu ojuoju and okwu oji Nkiken?

Again, can the okwu eta Eleme be willing to chan ekpii to support the movement?

Can the LG juwa ekpii for Nsan, Nmu, Ogbere, Otoor Nsa, Otoor Mbie, Otoor okwu ebibira ejun nebara Echieta etc to make life conducive for the persons who would be encouraged across Eta Eleme to resettle safely?

Can Ofalaru Eleme and Eleme European Union, LG and other willing investors partner Okwu ofu nja to set up Oka like Songhai to secure the Nkiken?

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