Okparaji has failed Eleme People declares Onungwe

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Alleges deceit of Eleme residents by LG Boss

Samuel Onungwe

There seems to be a cold war between the Legislative and the Executive arms of the Eleme Local Government Council despite the peace brokered between them by the political and traditional leaders of the area which resulted in dashing of impeachment proceedings against the Council Boss, Dr. Okparaji. This follows revelations made by Onungwe TerryChidi, the Councillor representing Ebubu, Ward 4 at the Eleme Legislative Assembly, Ogale. TerryChidi has given reasons why the Councillors accused the Chairman of financial misappropriation.

“The refurbished vehicle is a right under the ambit of law to the Councillors which the chairman bought it for six hundred thousand naira and remitted from the council purse the sum of 3 million naira each, unlike the Chairman’s vehicle that was budgeted out for 17.5 million naira and the Vice-chairman 11.5 million naira and were remitted to them directly,” TerryChidi was quoted on the social media.

Onungwe TerryChidi alleged that the water project by the council situated at his Ward does not worth the value claimed to have been used to execute the project and regretted that power generating set was provided for the smooth operation of the tap.

“The British borehole water he installed at Ebubu with two GP tanks in a dustbin does not worth three hundred thousand naira but he remitted the sum of 4.8 million naira without generator in spiritual environment known as Okolaa ejor.”

As if Mr. TerryChidi has been keeping record of the Council’s activities, he also alleged that chippings poured on bypass to the Trailer Park at Ebubu was not carried out by the Council as being claimed by the executives.

“The posted grading cites at Ejamah – Trailer Park road was done by Daewoo Nigeria LTD. The electrical transformers assigned by Indorama to Eleme people were distributed by Philip Okparaji, the council never bought any transformer rather it was a gift from Indorama. Akpajo market was only painted by Philip Okparaji and no block was laid by him. In conclusion, Philip Okparaji’s administration has failed Eleme holistically.”

Meanwhile the Press Secretary to the Eleme Local Government Council, Prince Nwafor Oji has challenged Mr. TerryChidi to backup his allegations with facts.

“The allegations are too watery. As a lawmaker, he should have some papers. Don’t tell me to inject blood into those dry veins. Let TerryChidi back up his imaginary claims with proofs: paper evidence to show his claims are real. If he is unable to do that, then you should understand that he is only out to run down the good works of the Council Chairman.”

It could be recalled that in December, 2020, TerryChidi had refuted claims that the Eleme Council Boss had paid the Councillors funds for constituency projects.

“Disregard for clarity of publication Inside Eleme Newspaper on 11/12/2020 by Godwin Stephen the Executive chairman of Eleme LGA Hon Barr Philip Okparaji has released constituency project money to counçillors to start indicating project in their various wards, l Hon. Engr. Onungwe Terrychidi AKA Mr Hoohaa Councillor representing Ebubu Ward 4 Eleme, is hereby informing the general public that l have not received one Kobo from the Council for constituency project. And l don’t know anything about the money.

“That from this notice nobody should hold me responsible for any constituency projects’ fund for my Ward. I was informed that only leader and deputy leader are the persons they gave money to, no other Counçillor has received, but for them to say that they gave money to Counçillors which includes me without indicating properly, l regretted for finding myself in the midst of this situation, those who do not have Eleme in mind. I think our primary function as a Government is to provide basic needs of electorates and give confidence to our voters. Please, l am begging any media person to get correct information before publishing any information to public.”

There are speculations that Eleme Council boss, Barr. Philip Okparaji, PhD is seeking to renew his three years mandate in the upcoming 2021 LG polls in Rivers State in order to continue his good works in Eleme LGA.

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