One Man’s Opinion: Missing Manhole Cover in PH

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By Emeka Uchendu


Whoever that has plied the Rumukwrushi – Eneka, Slaughter – T/Amadi, Slaughter – Peter Odili, Rumuokwuta – Choba, Old Aba road, Old GRA route would have noticed that almost all the man way covers have been stolen. I said this before and I am saying it again.

Installing CCTV on our roads, which can be easily vandalized can never be the solution to this menace. In my opinion, here are simple solutions that might work.

Firstly, the government should use concrete covers instead of steel covers. It will become unattractive to scavengers.

Secondly, the government should setup a task force that will move around to all scrap metal dumps, and anyone found with the manway cover or any government property like barb wire and metallic fence in his dump should be arrested.

Thirdly, the government should arrest all scavengers with carts seen around town and make them disclose where they usually sell the manway covers or force them to contribute (while in prison) and replace all manway covers around town.

One thing is sure, Gov. Wike will swing in action soonest. They have touched his tail. I trust him on this.

And again i ask, Who do we blame for this menace? The government or the people?

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