Re: Eleme Youth Support for the Council Chief Executive

The impasse at the Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State, between the Executive and the Legislature may not end any time soon. This is because at a time when peace is needed between the both arms of Government, some group of Eleme Youth under the aegis of Eleme Youth Council Worldwide and reported to be under the leadership of Comrade Brain Gokpa has made bold her support for the Council Executives against the Legislators.

This was the outcome of a congress they held at Aleto, Nchia City on August 24, 2020 when the Youth passed a Vote of Confidence on the Executive Chairman, Hon. (Barr.) Philip Okparaji over his drive to consolidate on the security condition in Eleme LGA and through harmonious relationship with the Youth Council, Nigeria Police, and other security agencies in the LGA.

The Youth group in a communique released after their meeting also, thanked His Excellency Gov. Wike of Rivers State over the planned Woji-Aleto-Alesa refinery road project which has been awarded recently.

By this vote of confidence, it shows that the Eleme Youth group does not support the Councillors’ quest for proper accountability at the Council which they alleged was lacking.

Further, more the Youth group has failed to understand that no Executive arm of Government works in isolation which means if their should be any appreciation it should go to the collective team of Executives, Legislators and the Judiciary.

It also, means that the allegation made by the Councillors that the Executives invited hoodlums to beat them up while carrying out their constitutional rights was false hence, does not bother them if any injury was sustained or lose was incurred.

If the claims made by the Councillors are true then seeks to call the youth group to order. This is because an Eleme adage says, “what hurts the eye, hurts the nose as well.”

For emphasis, both the Legislative arm and the Executive are made up of Eleme ‘Youth’ and the umbrella body who should be either neutral or rather stand for justice seems to have taken side regrettably against her own self. therefore, calls on the opposing parties of the legislature and executive to sheathe their swords and immediately embrace dialogue for peace to reign in the land. The people of Eleme did not vote them into power to fight each other but rather, to peacefully and complementarily champion the cause of their development by finding lasting solutions to their needs.

This is critical at this time to prevent the common enemy from taking advantage of the current disaffection in the Council leadership to the detriment of Eleme land.