Statesman Challenges Scholars, Others on Eleme Identity

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A human capacity developer, Elder Jerry Dee Olaka, has in rhetoric publicly challenged scholars and others on the identity of Eleme people in Rivers State, Nigeria. In a post on his social media timeline titled “You Questioning Who We Are”, the generous leader said:

“Where in the world, did you hear of a nation of people in which the foremost town gave up, exchanged its position and moved to take up the location of another town, to shield her from a neighbor threatening her with extinction?

“Where in the world, have you heard, a people dislodged one of her own most outstanding province for threatening to raid one of her other towns?

“Where in the world, did you hear of a nation of people; who at the peak of violence and raids that befell Africa in the era of darkness, compel all the towns in its foremost province, scattered in isolated locations to relocate and take up territory in a location where all the towns are contagious to one another to secure and act as a shield to one another?

“Do you recognize that it was through extreme pain in the midst of fire of violence and sacrifice that our forefathers forged, fought for and protected the heritage we have today?

“Where in the world, do you know of a people who to protect their land from harm, destruction and enslavement to any mystic power, did resort to bury alive anyone of their own who acquired, brought in wicked spirits from strange lands and terrorized the community with wicked evil mystic powers?

“Tell us why our forefathers strictly refused to marry and mix with people of other lands and ethnic origins, which they described as strange lands, if it was not to protect their heritage?

“Tell us, if you know why we do not have what one can call a slave lineage in our culture. Our forefathers strictly bought male slaves for achievement rites and to secure the lineage of a barren woman.

“Why did our forefathers put the slave through a system of cleansing rites and at maturity marry an Eleme girl for him, before absorbing him into the community?

Have you ever heard of any culture likened to this; and which other civilization, do you know that has this kind of sophistication?

“Where else in the African world, do you have a people from ancient times, who showed total abhorrence of evil and wicked spirits; possessed strict template and operating system of knowledge of good and evil, backed-up with an operating twin ordinance of blood cleansing of evil and wicked spirits by a priesthood lineage?

“Where and which other people do you know, share this tapestry of heritage?

Are you aware that the core elements of the sociology of life and spirituality of this rare heritage preserved among our people, constitute the pivotal pillars of the vehicle of the order of civilization which African scholars and scholars all over the world are unraveling as the first ever human civilization and influence of light which Africa spread throughout the world in the far ancient times?

“Are you the one who taught our forefathers the sophistry and deep knowledge by which they made claim and asserted to the first western scholars who came in contact with them, who mystified by their life, their ways and ordinances, asked to know their origins; “that they come from the earth”? Questioned further; they asserted that “the fact that the earth sustains us;

And when we finish on earth, we return to the earth”, as affirmation to their claim that they come from the earth.

“You who does not want us to give expression to who we are; tell us, who handed to and taught our forefathers such sophistry and depth of knowledge?

“Where you present when they were handed such deep and mysterious knowledge?

“Now that you want all of us to act like we do not know who we are; give us an answer.”

Elder Jerry Dee Olaka
Human Capacity Developer observes that he through that post was able to define the unique features of Eleme and Eleme people which distinguish them from every other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria no matter how closely related it may seem.

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