Telephone Message

Categories : Poetry , Story Telling

By Samuel O. Onungwe


I know your night is going peacefully.

If there is any crime I’m guilty of, it is always thinking how best to be your best friend.
How can I be jailed when I speak the truth and the truth sets us free?

I really don’t want to be a friend that would depend on your words to know your mind.

I want to understand you as much as you understand yourself.

So well such that, the smile on your face, the sweat on your skin and the way you walk can help me realise you’re happy, thirsty and exhausted.

And that you need my support, appreciation and care.

I want you only second to God.
Not even my mum can take your place in my heart.

Each time I pray, this is what I pray for:

That God would make me the man that fulfills your inner desire – your dream man.

Like a baby to a loving mum, so you’re special to me.

That’s why I always want to keep in touch with you even at odd times.

Any man roasting a piece of yam and fails to monitor it, loses it to the heat of the burning coal.

God for bid that I’d take my treasure for granted.

May my love for you be ever flowing like a fountain
May my love for you be endless like a flowing ocean

So help me God.

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