The Manipulated Man By Esther Vilar

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German writer Esther Villar, in her book “The Manipulated Man” that caused outrage and hostile criticism from women, explains how women since the earliest times have manipulated men and turned them into their slaves. They have pretended to be the oppressed sex while, in the real sense, they are the oppressors. She explains how a woman manipulates a man skillfully by steps like courtship and finally marriage, hence the saying “a man chases a woman until SHE catches him”

In her book she explains how the man is tricked to care for the woman and her offspring all his life. He rolls the stone like Sisyphus and in turn gets rewarded by a few minutes of sexual pleasure. We can, by observing Esther Villars assertions that a man is a slave of his desires and the women use and have used this for thousands of years as a stick and carrot to keep the man chasing vanity and commit his life to serving her.

She goes ahead to explain the rivalry of women, how each woman feels the powerful urge and need to own a male for her alone. Like a slave owner, she detests any move the man would make to offer his services to another woman. She uses all means to keep the man to herself and her offspring alone.

Esther Villar’s sentiments are captured by Nigerian poet, critic and Writer Chinweizu Ibekwe in his book “The anatomy of female power” (AFP) and Will Farrel’s “The Predatory Female.”

They all push the theory that all societies are matriarchal and not patriarchal as we are pushed and forced to believe. Matriarchy has ruled, not through brawn, but wits and tricks, women feigning weakness to be protected etc.

Thus, the male becomes the most exploited sex in human history (in wars the man is always ready to die for the woman; he has been trained to do that).

Chinweizu calls the ritual of dating and courtship training, like that of a horse. It is during this time that a woman, having kept the man on a leash by denying him sex and getting him addicted to her by false charms, trains and breaks him to whatever she wants him to become.

The marriage celebration becomes a celebration for the woman and her friends where they all congratulate her for having succeeded in getting herself a slave. The man, on his wedding day, waves goodbye to his independence and his coalition of males and commits himself to a Sisyphean life rolling the stone, an act he cannot abandon, having society and the government checking him and always ready to jail, shame or exile him for absconding his duties.

Thus, the government and society help the woman in keeping her slave in check.

Chinweizu gives a narration of how women are trained by older matriarchs to tame men. He explains how a man is trained to rely on women by his own mother, how he is shamed for cooking for himself and doing other domestic chores by his own mother who is an agent of the global matriarchal rule.

By getting the man to hate domestic work and having this hatred being enforced by culture, which warns men against going into the kitchen, doing laundry etc., the mother trains her son for the woman who will captivate him and, when the time comes, his wife takes hold of the man’s stomach and, by getting him addicted to her body, she holds him by the two, in bed and in the kitchen. With those two weapons she manipulates the man and turns him into her plaything.

In the “Myth of the Male Power”, Esther Villar’s ” A man’s right to the other woman” “The polygamous sex” the authors of those books challenge the narrative that men oppress women and, by detailed research across African, Western and Eastern both in ancient and modern societies, the authors unravel the hidden power of the ruthless matriarchal power that rules the world

Presidents, Emperors, Kings are all puppets of the matriarchy forces that rule by pulling the strings from behind the curtains.

This does not in any way represent the opinion of but for review and entertainment.

1 comment on “The Manipulated Man By Esther Vilar

    Jonah Okpabi

    • August 23, 2020 at 6:58 am

    This Review justifies my claim that Women are not weaker Vessels according to the popular view. Rather it is the Men that are Weaker Vessels. Women are more in number than the Men and they live a longer life than the Men whom many are killed daily by trigger hungry enemies; many are languishing in jail; many addicted to drugs and the few sane ones are made to work all their lives and retire and then vanish away from the world untimely while the Women enjoys the wealth left behind and take all the glory for the Man’s achievement.
    Indeed, Men are endangered species.

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