Try Something New

Categories : Story Telling

By Nwangwu Uchechi

At Chevron booth during NAPE conference, I wanted to win a gift pack from that company because their gifts were valuable.

On the last day of the conference, they had NAPE Got Talent. I wrote my name for comedy as if i was a comedian. I make people laugh but not like a comedienne or a comedian.

I was scared that my opponent would win because he had a big head and he looked funny and he was a guy but something similar happened to the two of us which we did not expect: our names were called at Shell (SPDC) booth for raffle draw that we won a gift pack from Shell and we were confused.

I was praying for him to go so that I could take the gift but we both let go of Shell’s and focused with Chevron but the guy still won. Not because his comedy was funny but because he looked funny.

I actually won but my presentation sounded like a speech not comedy and for that reason, I did not win the prize but I was happy. Why you may ask? because I tried what I have not done before.

I still got a consolation gift from Chevron for doing what I have not done before.

This year, month, day, now, try something new and see the out come.

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