Why Your Chairman Is Not Your Problem

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Do Not Crucify An Innocent Man, Okparaji Is A Faithful Servant, His 2nd Coming Can Surprise You.

Samuel O. Onungwe

In the search for oil and gas, the large reservoirs or fields are first identified and developed when technical, economical, commercial, operational and political reasons favour them.

The same applies to politics; the Irokos are the giants of the forests. They are seen as the representatives of the people. Hence, if they are satisfied, it is generally assumed the people are satisfied, as well for they wield so much influence on their followers.

The Chairmen have never failed to either build them homes or buy them luxury cars in place of developing the community and building people.

When a Chairman has given his best to water and fertilize the Irokos, who feed endlessly like agric fowls, how much is left for the people?

Which means our problem may not be the Chairman or a replacement of the Chairman.

To me, the current Chairman is a faithful servant who has satisfied the desires of the Irokos and the Irokos can do everything and anything possible to ensure he returns to power since he is serving their interest.

Our problem is to change the equation which has always given us the same model or profile of hunger and under development.

Recently, the Eleme Legislative Assembly in their wisdom identified the Eleme Council Chief Executive with his deputy as the bane of development and served him an impeachment notice. They had been very determined to overthrow his government until the intervention of the Irokos. The Irokos had watched from the sidelines that the Council Leadership had not in any way failed them and hence, they swiftly intervened in the deteriorating relationship to forestall the destruction of the normal and as the saying goes: for the sake of peace warring factions should sheathe their swords.

Peter Tosh a popular musician once sang: “Everyone is crying for peace, yes none is crying out for justice.” But as if he shocked the world when he openly declared that he did not want peace, and he was quick to add that all he needs is “equal rights and justice”. This is what I believe the people want: Giving to the Irokos what belong to Irokos and to the people what belongs to them.

The people deserve good governance and they are not asking for so much just basic amenities. Yes, basic things to guarantee safety of life and property which is the statutory responsibility of a responsive government and earn their respect – security, good roads, water, potable water, uninterrupted electricity, yes it is possible in Eleme, access to health care and schools, job creation not as handouts but with tax payers money and the rightful use of the office of the Executive Chairman to negotiate with the numerous companies in the land to better their lot.

Who will lead in this battle? Aperturevision Ate has recommended the need to move out of the existing party structure in order to re-engineer a path of liberation and prosperity to the people devoid of undue Irokos’ influence, if we may not completely excise the Irokos from the equation.

But can the Irokos fold their arms and watch while the people snatch away their beautiful bride? I doubt, only a weakling can do such. The Irokos are deep rooted in the earth even the harmattans does not scare them.

The battle requires some tact and courage and I doubt if with the current wind of hunger and sun of drought, the people can largely be ready to join this fight in place of seeking transient succor under the branches of the Irokos and from there they shall be tamed like wild animals and the status quo continues and that is why I weep.

If Chinwi Ate steps out to lead in this campaign will you support him without asking for your own gratification but put the people’s interest first? I speak to myself.

However, in the midst of a worst case scenario, I would rather prefer a replacement of the current government with another comparable to it even from Aleto provided it is from another family. This is because it will help to redistribute the resources and at the end, another family would have benefited in the next three years. This can only be possible when we all begin to search for our voter’s cards and keep them safe so when the time comes, we would not look for them but rather pick them up, dust them and vote our conscience.  

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